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5 tips for curtain care

Curtains are the clothing of any house and the house becomes presentable and beautiful due to curtains. Everyone chooses curtains according to the interior to make the environment more pleasant. Thus, the care of curtains is also very important as in case of miscare caurtains may fade and transform.

Here are several tips heplful to take care of curtains

1․ The first and one of the main methods of curtain care is airing. This is useful, as during airing the dust spills, also disappear unpleasant odors. If the curtains are heavy, they need to be dusted like carpets from time to time.

2․Curtains may also be cleaned by vacuum cleaner. In order not to damage the curtain, it is advisable to use the special brush for curtain cleaning. If your vacuum cleaner has no special brush, you can wrap a soft cloth on it. A special attention must be paid to the folded areas. This kind of cleaning may be organized once in two weeks so that the dust does not absorb in the fabric. Otherwise the cleaning may become more difficult.

3․ In some cases this kind of dry cleaning is not efficient and there is a need to wash the curtains. After washing the curtains may use their initial form and strengh, also they can discolor. Though some materials can be washed by washing machine – in the delicate mode, we advise to wash them by hand. In case of handwash, the curtains must first be rinsed in cold water, then washed in lukewarm water with special detergents and soda. Afterwards, they must be rinsed in cold water for several times and then strained carefully. Wet curtains should be hung on the cornices so that they do not lose their shape.

4․If you wish to iron the curtains, you need to do it while the curtains are still wet, with the most delicate ironing mode.

5․ The initial whitness of tulle curtains can be restored by washing them with special detergents or simply soaking the curtain for 40 minutes in salty water, then rinsing them at least four times.

6․ Finally, if the curtains are expensive and heavy and there are stains on them, it is more advisable to trust their cleaning to the professionals. The professionals of cleaning services visit home and clean heavy and expensive curtains with special chemicals without damaging them.

Disinfection of areas

Disinfection of areas

Pathogenic microorganisms accumulate
while various activities are carried out in areas and buildings, which have a negative impact on human health. That is why it is very important to pay special attention to disinfection.

5 tips for the right care of upholstered furniture

5 tips for the right care of upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture requires special care. To make your home look beautiful and fresh, you need to not only furnish it, but also take care of the furniture properly, especially upholstered furniture. Here are some helpful tips for keeping upholstered furniture clean and fresh.

Tip 1 - The right arrangement of the upholstered furniture in the room is very important. Safety is more important than the beautiful and comfortable layout of the room. Thus, it is preferable to place furniture at least 1 m away from batteries.

Tip 2 - Soft furniture must be treated with care. You cannot stand, jump or do physical exercises on it.

Tip 3 - Furniture should be placed on a flat surface. This will help to avoid unwanted injuries, deformities of details.

Tip  4 -  Upholstered furniture needs regular care.  Sofas, armchairs, chairs should be cleaned frequently with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth.

Tip  5 - You need to know how to easily remove traces  from soft furniture. If you manage to avoid stains, you will be able to maintain a fresh and beautiful exterior for a long time.

The most optimal ways to remove stains from soft furniture

To remove wax traces from upholstered furniture, first remove wax traces, then place a sheet of paper on it and carefully iron the spot. .

To remove the chocolate and coffee stains, you first need to clean and dry the stain, then wash the muddy area with warm soapy water.

You can put a few pieces of ice (with a plastic bag) to remove traces of chewing gum. After a while, scrape and remove the gum.

Blood stains may be removed only by washing the spot with cold water. 

To clean red wine traces from soft furniture, you should immediately moisten the area and salt the spot. After the salt is absorbed, clean with a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth.

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7 practic tips to clean the kitchen

7 practic tips to clean the kitchen

Kitchen cleaning can last a little longer than the cleaning of the other parts of the house. Anyhow, there are many methods to make the cleaning process quicker and easier. Some of them you can read below: