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Disinfection of commercial areas

The main types of disinfection

It is a well-known fact, that frequent disinfection of commercial and office spaces diminish the possibility of spread every kind of virus, even coronavirus that is still incomprehensible for humanity. From the beginning of the year, in the world, particularly in Armenia the outbreak of new coronavirus, in pandemic state the disinfection of offices is going to be an urgent requirement. The Clean Line company takes the initiative of specific disinfection service with a professional approach by using high-quality disinfection materials in Yerevan and nearby regions. We want to mention, that preventive disinfection, current and final decontamination are the main types of disinfection and the frequency of disinfection depends on the specifics of the areas, such as working space, office or the production area.

How the disinfection of commercial areas will be done

In order to do efficient disinfection of office areas in Armenia, the professionals of Clean Line have done an investigation of the market of disinfection and contamination, have selected the best and most effective materials of European production. The main material is the French Fagosurf ND for the neutralization of coronavirus, which also eliminates viruses, like HIV, hepatitis and polio, and has antifungal effects. Besides the disinfection of large and small surfaces, it is also used for the washing and odor-absorbing function for surfaces, property, linen, laboratory, café utensils and other accessories. In the process of disinfection Hecianos G + R and Surfanios liquid concentrates are also used. The first one is indicated for the cleaning, washing and disinfection of all surgical medical instruments, also used in ultrasound devices. The second one is more widely used. It is designed for the disinfection of any area: workplaces, corridors, kitchens and toilets, etc. In addition to disinfection, it has a washing and deodorizing effect.

Service price

As a result of the coronavirus outbreak in Armenia and especially in Yerevan together with the disinfection services for areas Clean Line company has started to optimize the right pricing policy. We have a flexible system of calculations and affordable prices, depending on the type of area and intensity of disinfection, we can guarantee that it is the most convenient in Armenia.

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