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From time to time we need to ventilate our homes, offices and other areas to get rid of unpleasant or unwanted odours.
“Cleanline” company presents a novelty in the Armenian market: air cleaning and sterilization with "dry fog" technology. This technology removes unpleasant smells with the help of Fortela Aroma special ingredients and a generator, which turns these ingredients into a "dry fog". As a result, the unpleasant smells of animals, garbage, tobacco, sweat and other disappear. And the molecules of "dry fog" create a widespread coverage of smell filling the area with light and mild odour.
Thanks to the great range of aromas, it is even more possible to satisfy the most demanding customer. And there is an odourless substance made especially for allergic people, that destroys unpleasant smells without causing new ones.
The liquids, which are used, are certified, safe and harmless to the health of people and animals.
“Cleanline” is the first and still the only one company in Armenia, which provides air cleaning and sterilization services for cars and all types of (including residential, commercial and industrial) areas.